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Sustainable Before it was a Thing: Chaddock Furniture Work Room

Sustainable Before it was a Thing: Chaddock Furniture Work Room

In connecting with Andrew Crone, President of Chaddock here are important points to understand and consider in the world of furniture and selecting for your home and future generations.

The American furniture factory culture was and is sustainable before it was even a buzzword. Craftspeople and artisans are the most creative and best critical thinkers. They have solution-based skills to solve for beauty and efficiency of resources.

Chaddock has generations of wisdom building upon the next generations and is constantly growing and evolving to be better and better at crafting fine furniture. See their story.

Chaddock is a luxury furniture brand that creates fine furniture that will not end up in a landfill like the lower end fast furniture brands. Did you know about 9.8 million tons of fast furniture waste goes to USA landfills annually? That is under 5% where food waste is the highest at 24% per the EPA.

Chaddock follows the Toyota Production System, which focuses efforts on lean manufacturing that will streamline production and reduce waste. As a “made to order” or "made on demand" company there no inventory is sitting or wasted.

Whether it may be a custom designed dining table or a pair of lounge chairs, Chaddock produces high-end fine furniture that will last for generations. Chaddock Upholstery can be reupholstered many times and ensures it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Casegoods can be reimagined in different finishes or as is. See the Lucera Pedestal Dining Table and the Maison Lounge Chair. 

The majority of Chaddock lumber comes from less than 200 miles from the workroom.  Furniture is made using FSC (forest stewardship council) certified wood.

Chaddock waste is recycled. Large wood scraps called “off fall” are glued together and used for smaller parts. The rest is used by other local companies that grind the wood to fuel their plants. The springs for upholstery come from recycled metal.

For upholstery, patterns are laid out by hand to increase yield and decrease waste. Upholstery and fabric patterns can be complex and requires expert craftspeople to ensure perfect pattern match while reducing waste. The fabric scraps are reused by someone locally that picks them up to make re-imagined items. 

Chaddock has incredible ideas come from their artisans to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Learn more about the Chaddock difference.

One example is when a craftsperson experimented with a different sandpaper grit that decreased supply need 50% and increased quality at the same time. The refinement of processes and systems over generations is compounded and we reap all the benefits of the experts.

The continuous improvement efforts are ongoing for Chaddock and they strive to be better tomorrow than they are today!

McGannon Showrooms loves and supports Chaddock as one of the few remaining furniture companies that produces not only classically, but also futuristically in the USA.

To me, Made in America signifies exceptional craftsmanship and innovation, showcasing the unique creativity and skill of our artisans, designers, and teams. It embodies a celebration of beauty, functionality, and the dedication to quality that defines American manufacturing.