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Gloster Modern Luxury Outdoors 2023

Gloster Modern Luxury Outdoors 2023

See what our Gloster rep thinks about the 2023 Outdoor Season

What New Product do you think our Designers will appreciate?

Gloster has introduced a handful of new collections for the 2023 season that have garnered serious enthusiasm, but the one I’ve seen the most buzz about so far has been our Deck Dining Table by designer Henrik Pedersen.

With nods to nautical influences via its namesake and parallel arrangement of teak slats that comprise the entirety of this table, the Deck collection is the perfect representation of how Gloster pushes the aesthetic envelope with each new introduction while still staying true to what we do best: beautiful outdoor teak furniture.   

Oh Yes- We can’t wait to get our Deck dining table on the showroom floor!

The Deck is a flat wooden surface, both long and wide, but at the same time almost transparent. Elegant, uniform, and crafted from solid plantation teak, the linear style of the Deck table defies the Gloster design aesthetic.

Inspired by teak decking on the fastest and finest sailing vessels of yesteryear. The simple, yet visually striking design invokes an uncompromising air of quality and craftsmanship.


What do you have in your home right now?

I have an endless appreciation for deep comfort and plush cushions, so the choice of which Gloster pieces to put in my own home was quite easy after I experienced the Dune Lounge Chair for the first time.

Designed by Sebastian Herkner to be the most comfortable outdoor furniture item on the market, the layered blankets that lay draped over the back rest, plush throw pillows, substantial seat cushion, and exclusive usage of Sunbrella’s Soft Touch category of fabrics for upholstery all help this chair achieve Sebastian’s vision for comfort and style.


Why should you be our Go To for everything Outdoor?

I think that designers would be well-served to make Gloster their go-to brand for outdoor projects for a number of reasons. The most important of these reasons is the quality of Gloster’s product and the confidence that it creates when a designer chooses it for a product.

With Gloster, you know that every material used is going to be the best in the world, you know that our production process allows to ensure extremely high quality, and you know that every item we offer is the creation of a furniture designer at the forefront of our industry.

In addition to the quality of our products and the confidence that generates, Gloster’s ability to maintain stock and offer industry-best lead times represents one less thing a designer has to worry about as they work to assemble projects for discerning clients. 

Gloster is McGannon Showrooms modern luxury outdoor furniture line for timeless exteriors. See more GlosterTo set the scene, Gloster also designs outdoor accessories.