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Eichholtz Inspires European Glamour

Eichholtz Inspires European Glamour

What do you think is the best part of your line? The best part of our line is our globally inspired, European aesthetic and styling. These factors make us unique in the marketplace, allowing us to over a wide range of design styles and offer versatility within each category. Our other best attribute of equal importance is that we operate at almost 90% in stock in the US with an industry leading quick ship program, fulfilling orders in under 1 week from our North Carolina warehouse or 4-6 weeks from our Netherlands headquarters.

What is new within your company? We have just recently launched our Spring 2023 collection which celebrates our long-standing relationships with artisans and makers around the world. Highlighting the natural materials and techniques used to craft our products, the new collection features hand-made elements and organic, earthy appeal.

What New Product or Collections do you think our Designers will appreciate? We believe designers will appreciate the natural stone pieces that are featured throughout the collection. Each has its own identity and character, making it feel like a custom, bespoke piece, but unlike most custom products, it is available through our Quick Ship Program.

Are there any new features on your website? Our digital catalog library now offers a comprehensive look at our entire US collection, making it easy to discover new collections and also find inspiration.

What trends is the factory seeing? Any styles or colors? We are seeing every shade of green and highly saturated colors as pops against neutrals across the color spectrum. We’re also seeing colored glass emerge as a trend, which we have in both lighting and tops of tables.

What is going with Fabrics now? As we collectively move on from boucle, we’ve introduced alternatives; a chenille basketweave and menswear inspired tweeds, to satiate that need for a neutral texture with something other than the overdone trend. We’ve also introduced boucle in grey, black, sand, rose and rouge for some versatility within that trend.

What do you think the biggest hurdle is right now in the Home Furnishings industry? The biggest hurdle is the saturated market. Consumer have so many options to choose from and committing to a big ticket home purchase online is challenging when you do not know the quality. Designers are key in alleviating this issue for their clients, but brands are then responsible for effectively communicating their story and value to designers to hopefully narrow the focus that they will eventually present to their client. Cutting through the noise while maintaining your brand standards is he challenge but also the opportunity.

What do you think the biggest hurdle is with your company right now? Our biggest hurdle is brand visibility. While our 30 year brand is well known and beloved across the world, doing business in 105 countries, we’re just getting started in the US. We not only must reach designers where they are but also earn their trust as a new vendor.

Why should you be our Go To for everything? Eichholtz offers a whole home assortment of products for every style. We look more expensive than we are, our quality is that of a high end luxury brand and we’re well equipped to meet the needs of designers with in-demand products available now.

Right now- if you had to buy something for your home- what would it be? Yes, we want the details! (Finish, fabric, etc) If I had to buy something for my home from Eichholtz it would be dining chairs. We have such a great range of styles, colors and materials at a great price point. I have my eye on the Filmore set of 2 in green velvet!

What do you have in your home right now? Details please! My home décor style is very eclectic. Heirloom pieces such as a pair of menagerie printed slipper chairs and a refurbished black high gloss lacquer china cabinet are among the standouts. Complimented by bright pops of color and layered to within an inch of its life. Yes, I’m a maximalist and although Eichholtz is more neutral and elegant, I have managed to incorporate elements to fit my style.

What do you know that I want to know? The world of Eichholtz is not just about the commodity of a sofa but utilizing our products to create environments and experiences. Our expert styling teams demonstrate how to create immersive spaces that reflect the luxury lifestyle of their inhabitants.

What did I forget to ask you about? Based in The Netherlands, with our flagship trade showroom in High Point, NC, doing business in 105 countries, we’re truly a global brand. We’re committed to our US expansion and appreciate partners like you for your support.