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Century Sales Rep Speaks about the Future of Furniture

Century Sales Rep Speaks about the Future of Furniture

What do you think is the best part of your line?

The options! Century offers once of the vastest lines in the industry with over 1,000 fabrics to choose from along with over 70 finish options.

We also offer fully custom furniture down to the inch. Century is one of the last standing American made furniture companies that is still family owned down the 3rd generation, we just recently celebrated our 75th year anniversary at this past High Point Market. It truly is a family company.

What is new within your company?  

Rock House Farms the parent company of Century Furniture, recently announced the acquisition of the operations and assets of Classic Leather and St. Timothy Furniture. Classic Leather is a producer of high end, custom upholstery with a 125,000-square-foot production facility in Conover, N.C. minutes from Century’s current facilities. According to RHF, the transaction gradually will boost the upholstery capacity for Rock House Brands as the Classic Leather factory completes its existing backlog and converts over to Century Furniture production. The factory currently employs more than 80, and Rock House Brands expects to expand the workforce through hiring and training over the coming months.

Are there any new features on your website?

Our visualizers! Century has invested extremely heavily into the IT side of our company with Visualizers for all our Source product (fully customizable upholstery from size, arm, back, base etc., all the way to our casegoods). We have had our T Chairs on the visualizer but in the past month we have added our cornerstone and great room programs to the visualizer (see link below). This allows not only the designer to build out the piece but the customer as well, in a lot of cases the hardest hill to climb is getting the correct visual of what your end product will look like once you start changing the base, arm, back and fabric. This allows you to see what your end product will look like all the way down to the fabric!

Cornerstone Visualizer

Great Room Visualizer

What do you think the biggest hurdle is with your company right now?

Our lead-times, and loss of trust. Over the past two years dating back to the beginning of Covid Century’s lead times were something we were not proud of, Alex Shuford often reminds us as Reps that we are not only in the furniture industry, but we are forecasters to and we failed miserably at this. We do not take any order or customer for granted, each person is important to us. With our goal is to gain the trust back of designers, end users, salespeople by giving the highest quality furniture with a “quick” realistic estimated completion date. This begins from the top with our new acquisition of Classic leather facilities and employees. I believe you will start to see if you have not already that our lead-times are improving, and the forecasted date of your order is already becoming more and more accurate.